Why All Wheel Drive in Canada?

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If you’re looking for a new vehicle in the Nanaimo, Duncan, and Victoria area, you might be trying to decide between vehicles with all wheel drive. What is this system, and why do you need it? Harris Mazda provides this guide to the benefits of all wheel drive.

What is All Wheel Drive?

All wheel drive is a recent automotive innovation which ensures grip and traction at all times, no matter what the driving situation. All wheel drive uses a set of differentials, or “gearboxes,” to send power and torque to individual wheels in order to provide the most power to the wheel with the most grip. This anchors the wheel, giving your car a point of stability on the road in gravel, ice, or other difficult driving conditions. Modern AWD systems include an engine control unit that monitors your tires hundreds of times per second to send the right amount of power to the right wheel.

Why Get All Wheel Drive?

  • Weather and Road Conditions: All wheel drive provides better control and grip under any road conditions. The weather can be unpredictable and dangerous, creating situations where a road may be slick with water, icy with snow and sleet, or riddled with gravel and debris that make your car skid. All wheel drive mitigates the effects of driving in many dangerous weather situations where the road may be difficult and makes it easy to control your car.

  • Versatility: All wheel drive provides sportier handling and traction to a wide range of vehicles. Whether you have a rugged SUV that’s built to handle tough terrain or a sedan that’s made to traverse city streets, all wheel drive helps you navigate any surface.

  • Constant Use: A four wheel drive system needs to be engaged to work, which means that you’ll have to turn it on yourself. This can be dangerous when driving on unpredictable roads, as you may not have the time or notice to engage it before you need it when hitting a patch of unexpectedly slippery road. All wheel drive is constantly engaged, so when you hit black ice or gravel that you didn’t see, it will still work.

  • Resale Value: When it’s time for a new car, having an all wheel drive system can raise the value of your car, which means you’ll get more cash or credit when turning it in.

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