At Harris Mazda, we provide the best tire offers that perfectly fits your needs and delivers optimum performance! Having wrong or low-quality tires will ruin your vehicle’s handling and make it unsafe in various conditions. At Harris Mazda we are tire experts and we will offer you the optimum choice and ensure you get the best deal possible among an extensive range of manufacturers for your safety. Why go anywhere else??

Peace of mind included with your set of tires:
• Free nitrogen inflation and any future calibration is included, just drop by and we will ensure your tires are properly inflated!
• Flat tire repairs included*.
• Free tire rotation with your vehicle maintenance service at Harris Mazda
• Free tire re-balance on original tire-wheel assemblies when servicing your vehicle at Harris Mazda, if necessary
• Free tire storage at our shadowed and insulated tire hotel**. This ensures you get longer rubber life and secured tire pressure out of your tires.

Peace of mind included with your tire mounting service:
• Complimentary Brake visual inspection
• Complimentary Alignment check
• Complimentary Fluid life and levels check
• Complimentary Battery life check
• Mounted right with the best mounting and road force balancing equipment to offer you the smoothest ride that your new set of tires can provide
• Highly trained technicians that ensure the handling and installation are carried out properly to ensure your safety!

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Winter Driving? We feature the best tire selection for our winter conditions: many tires have high ratings for driving conditions on polar circle circumstances, but that is not what we get in many regions of Canada. In Vancouver Island for example, we have a higher demand for slush evacuation than the rest of the country. We do our homework, we select the best winter tires to provide you the best braking and cornering possible for the winter conditions that you will face.


Extreme cold or hot day sporty driving with Nitrogen filled tires will mean worry free driving. Your tire pressure will be stable on fluctuating conditions (unless a puncture happens). Nitrogen filled tires ensure you get better fuel economy, increased safety and a longer Tire life!!

We select only exact fit with high quality material-manufacturing wheels that will last longer and will better withstand the road eventualities. We stay away from multi-fit and use only Original Equipment exact fitting wheels to prevent undesired vibrations, protect your vehicle’s suspension, secure the smoothest ride possible and save you hundreds of dollars in maintenance in the long run!


All Weather, All Season or Winter Tires? We have them all! Please give us a call at 250 758 9125 or email at [email protected] and let us know what you are looking for. We will do the hard work for you! You could also visit our Fitting Room for a quick estimate!


Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed for better traction in extreme cold, and on icy, snowy, or slushy roads. This is achieved through the fact that the rubber is able to remain softer thus making it more flexible and allowing the tire to conform to the road better in cold conditions. They also have deeper treads that are specially designed for improved traction in snow and/or icy conditions as well as for the evacuation of water through the tread to help prevent hydroplaning on wet slushy roads. The rubber and construction materials are also specially designed for improved starting, stopping and cornering in cold temperatures.

When to put winter tires on

It is advised to have winter tires installed once the temperature drops below 7°C. In simpler terms, if you can see your breath, it is time to get your winter tires on!

Reasons not to use winter tires during other seasons

Sometimes people either forget to take off their winter tires once winter is over or do not see the need for taking them off. It is vital to get them switched out once winter is over as due to the tread rubber being softer and more flexible they will wear out faster in warmer temperatures. The softness of the treads also decreases handling performance. So the bottom line being if you keep your winter tires on after winter has passed, they will wear out and need to be replaced sooner. The cost of replacing the tires would be more than having them removed and switched out.



All- Season tires

An all-season tire provides suitable performance in wet and dry conditions. The treads are designed to provide excellent traction in dry conditions and repel water in wet conditions. They have moderate tread depths and rubber compounds that are engineered to provide longer tread life.

All-season tires are capable of providing traction in winter, but do not provide the best traction for your safety and increase your vehicles stopping distance drastically. If you do own all season tires, it is recommended you also invest in winter tires as it will extend the life span of your all-season tires as well as provide you with peace of mind.



All weather tires

All weather tires as the name implies provides fair grip in all weather conditions. It is still recommended to use winter tires in tough winter conditions. They maintain good handling in both cold and warm temperatures as the treads are not as soft as winter tires.

Your owner’s manual or the label usually found in the driver’s door opening and sometimes inside the glove box door will specify the correct size of tire for your vehicle.In the example below, the correct load and speed rating for this 2006 MX-5 is 84W. The load and speed rating indicate the ability of the tire to carry a load and dissipate heat when properly inflated. The load and speed ratings on replacement tires should only meet or exceed the recommended load and speed ratings for your vehicle.

We are your One-Stop Source For Tires

Where should you go when shopping for tires? Look no further than Harris Mazda in Nanaimo, BC. Your source for tires with top named brands like Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Uniroyal, Bridgestone, Firestone, Yokohama and Toyo.

We believe that choosing the right tires for your vehicle is as easy as talking to a Mazda trained professional. We also believe that providing some background information about tires and how they perform under different driving conditions will help you make your tire purchase decision easier.Let our knowledgeable staff take care of your vehicle’s most important and many times overlooked component: The Tires! We will make sure everything will be at their optimum; providing you with the best safety bet on all the road situations that you may find, with our peace of mind guarantee, when you chose Harris Mazda Tires: Apples to apples, the best deals in Nanaimo.


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* Only for repairable tires. We offer full tire hazard insurance at $49.95 for the tire set and $299.95 for alloys and tire sets
** First year of storage free of charge. Afterwards it is only $49.95 per storage season

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