The Friendly Factor

Stress Free Pricing – Negotiation Not Necessary

Every one of our guests gets a great price – every time. Hidden fees, extra charges, and stressful negotiations have become synonymous with car dealerships over the years, so it’s no wonder why buyers have become tired of the traditional car buying process.

At Harris Mazda, we operate completely different, and that all starts with our Stress Free Pricing. Instead of making our customers fight for a fair price, we constantly monitor the market to determine the most competitive price out there — and then just give it to you upfront.

That low price will be listed as the same number by our website, our window stickers, and our non-commissioned sales people — and it’s the exact price you’ll pay — so you know you’re getting the best price possible with zero hassle or confusion. That’s our Pricing Promise, and while it might mean that we make less money on sales than other car dealerships, we hope that car buying experiences this easy will spread the word about Harris Mazda and our coolness/friendliness across the Island, and beyond.

Commission Free Sales Environment – Get The Right Car For YOU

At most other car dealerships salespeople work on commission, making their income dependent on you spending the highest dollar amount possible. This puts customers and salespeople immediately at odds, as they both have to struggle against each other’s interests to get what they want.

That doesn’t sound like a fun, positive experience — so we want no part of it here at Harris Mazda. By training and hiring non-commissioned Mazda Product Specialists — who work on a salary and receive bonuses for customer satisfaction and job performance — we have aligned the interests of our staff with those of our customers.

Our staff’s only goal is to help you figure out which model fits your needs, as there is no motivation to force you into buying a more expensive car. Their only motivation is to achieve true customer satisfaction, since they receive a bonus if you’re happy with your car buying experience and your purchase.
Finally, car salespeople that are on your side!

Trade Value Promise – We Buy Yours Even If You Don’t Buy Ours!

Selling your current car is a big part of buying your next car, as the money you earn on your sale can take a big chunk out of your purchase price. But it’s not always easy. Selling privately can be fraught with stress, and selling to other car dealerships can come with several strings attached.

At Harris Mazda, we make it easy for you. With our Trade Value Promise, you can come in to have your car appraised and leave with a cheque in hand for the exact amount we valued your car at – even if you’re not selling us a Mazda, and even if you don’t want to buy your next car from us.

So if you’re looking to sell your car, come to us for a stress-free, no strings-attached deal, and we’ll write you a check for the appraised value on the spot!

Exchange Guarantee – No Buyer’s Remorse Allowed

We want you to be happy with your purchase — the day you drive off the lot, and for many years to come. That’s why we have our 3-Day/300-kilometer New Car Exchange Guarantee and our 10-Day/1000-kilometer Pre-Owned Exchange Guarantee, ensuring that you’ll have ample amount of time to drive around your purchase and decide whether it’s right for you and your family.

If you’re not absolutely positive that you’ve made the right choice, bring your new car back to the lot within the first 3 days or 300 kilometers or your used car within the first 10 days or 1,000 kilometers (whichever comes first) and make a clean swap for a different trim level or a different color. Just hand us your keys and we’ll hand you your new ones — it’s that easy!

There’s no such thing as buyer’s remorse at Harris Mazda, so come and shop with complete confidence that you can’t make a bad decision here. You’re guaranteed to love your new or previously loved car!

Free Shipping – Anywhere in Canada

This is pretty self-explanatory. We know that buying a car from us rocks but not everyone can or wants to do it in person. You shouldn’t be deprived of that experience so we will get the car to you free of charge. What about the paperwork you say? Well, we have a pretty slick system for that too. Start by reserving your car online now and we will personally handle the rest of the stress free process from there (with a few signatures from you of course); hint – we use “the cloud” everyone is talking about.

Shop on Island Time – Anytime

We’re from here too so we realize there is lots of awesome stuff to do in your free time that doesn’t involve being at the dealership (although we are as awesome as it gets as car dealerships are concerned). With that in mind we created this website with you in mind. We let you actually shop online for a car online, conveniently schedule service appointments, auto spa visits, tire swaps, and even schedule your off-season tires free accommodation in our tire hotel (with purchase of course): create your custom profile, save your searches for later, keep your vehicle details in our system so when you book your next appointment we know everything we need to know up front, when shopping for a car get all the information in one place so you can make an educated decision. Your time is important so we want to help you save it for other stuff – who doesn’t like that! If you see a car you like online you can reserve right then and there with a totally refundable deposit. You can even start the paperwork and financing right here in our secure environment; this means you have to spend less time in person at the store – we respect Island Time.