Marine Detailing


Interior Detail

  • Detail all nooks & crannies
  • Wash all walls
  • Degrease & wash all appliances and kitchen area (if applicable)
  • Disinfect & wash bathroom
  • Detail & wash all bedrooms
  • Wax all windows
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas (excessive pet hair may cost extra)
  • Shampoo carpets, seats, mats

Starting at

$10.00 per foot

Exterior Detail

  • Mazda’s Exterior paint cut polishing – for surface scratches, blemishes, oxidization (1,2,3 stage avail pending condition)
  • Mazda’s Swirl free machine wax to enrich the deep colour of your boat, plus help protect against the weather elements & have your boat looking awesome!

Starting at

$12.00 per foot