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Affordable, Extremely Effective. Completely Safe. 

Revolutionary technology that keeps vehicles environment safe and provides peace of mind for You and your loved ones

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The Purifyd health protection service is a revolutionary technology that keeps the vehicles environment safe and provide peace of mind for you and your family. 

Purifyd provides the following benefits:

  • Eliminating toxic molds, germs and allergens from vehicle HVAC systems and interior cabin.
  • Decontaminating the vehicle from bodily fluid or chemical contamination
  • Disinfecting the vehicle after rodent damage and eliminating biting insects
  • Revitalizing vehicle interior and eliminates odors
  • Less sick days! Leading to more productivity!!


Lastly it reduces sick time and improves wellbeing

Now consider the amount of time you spend in your car, whether your personal vehicle or work vehicle and now recall the amount of times the interior of your car was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. It is alarming the things we overlook and do not consider impactful on our health!


Harris Mazda takes pride in being an active community member by supporting Nanaimo and District Health and Foundation to boost Nanaimo area healthcare. Furthermore, at Harris Mazda we have always prioritized your safety and wellbeing. We align ourselves with one of Mazda Canada’s four pillars which is safety! That is our #1 objective when we service your vehicles. Our commitment to the community and our clients has resulted in taking that objective one step further, by helping to keep you healthy.

Harris Mazda has consistently worked towards innovating the customer experience. Now we are extending that innovation by bringing a mobile health protection plan service to fleet owners and businesses as well as individuals. We are going mobile because we understand the importance of vehicles to be safe for employees and customers and your family members. We bring an optimal health protection plan at your doorstep that fits your schedule and budget.


B2B Mobile Program: We service fleet vehicles of any size and will come to you for convenience

In-house program: For non-fleet vehicles we offer in-house services which includes pick up and drop off services

We also service boats, RV’s and many more! Ask us about it!!


We offer various packages based on the needs of your car!

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