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At Harris Mazda Financing, we know that life isn’t perfect. Sometimes, things happen that can have a negative effect on your credit, making it difficult to find the financing you need. Harris Mazda has the bad or no credit car financing our Nanaimo, Duncan, and Victoria neighbors need, and we can help you get into the right car today, so that you can start rebuilding your good name.

What Steps Can You Take to Secure Financing?

Whether you have no credit history to speak of, or your credit has been battered by serious life events, we can help you find the loan you need in just a few quick steps:

  • Check Your Credit – Understanding your credit score is the first step in securing the financing you need and getting the best interest rate available to you.
  • Discuss Your Options – Discuss the loans available to you and let us help you find the most favorable rate for your credit situation.
  • Decide on a Budget Before Hand – Review your budget and decide on a monthly payment that covers all of your automotive expenses, so you don’t get in over your head.
  • Bring a Down Payment – Having a large down payment, or vehicle trade-in, will not only help to reduce the purchase price of your next car, it can help to reduce the overall cost of financing thanks to a lower interest rate as well.
  • Pre-apply – Use our convenient finance application to apply for financing and know where you stand before you begin negotiations.
  • Know Your Contract – Understanding the terms of your contract, and what any additional charges and fees may mean, can help you to ensure that your contract is tailored to your needs and covers everything you need it to.
  • Make Your Payments On Time – A car loan is an excellent way to rebuild your credit. Making your monthly payments on time can even allow you to refinance for a lower rate down the road.

What Kind of Vehicles Are Available to Buyers with Bad Credit?

Just because your credit is less than perfect, it doesn’t mean you have to be stuck driving an unreliable car. We’ll connect you with a wide variety of quality used cars, so that you’ll drive away with the reliable car you need, while rebuilding your battered credit. Use our convenient tool to browse our inventory and select the car you want, then stop in to speak to one of our finance counselors and we’ll help you decide if this car fits your budget and your needs.

Find Bad or No Credit Financing near Nanaimo, Duncan, and Victoria at Harris Mazda

For more information on the bad or no credit financing near Nanaimo, Duncan, and Victoria contact Harris Mazda at 1-844-537-8693, or visit our offices at 2525 Bowen Road Nanaimo, BC V9T 3L2 to learn more.