2016 Mazda6 vs. 2016 Toyota Camry

2016 Mazda6

2016 Mazda6

2016 Toyota Camry

2016 Toyota Camry

Looking for a fun, family-friendly sedan? If so, chances are you’re probably comparing the 2016 Mazda6 vs the 2016 Toyota Camry. While both vehicles are extremely impressive and attractive, the Mazda6 edges out the competition in terms of price, fuel economy, space, and safety. Take a look at the information below to see why the Mazda6 is the better sedan option for your Nanaimo, Duncan, and Victoria driving needs.


When considering which vehicle to purchase, knowing the price of the vehicle and weighing it against the competition is extremely important. When comparing the 2016 Mazda6 vs the 2016 Toyota Camry, you’ll want to know you’re getting the best deal for your budget. If you’re truly looking for the best deal, you’ll want to stick with the Mazda6. This vehicle has a starting MSRP of $21,495 while the Camry has a starting MSRP of $23,070. So if you want the less expensive vehicle that gives you more options, you know which one to choose.

Fuel Economy

In addition to price, choosing a vehicle that will get you better gas mileage is always a perk. After all, nobody wants to spend the majority of their road trip stopping at a gas station to fill up. With the Camry, you’ll only receive 9.4 city l/km and 6.7 highway l/km. With the Mazda6, you can enjoy 8.4 city l/km and 5.88 highway l/km. So if you want to go farther on one tank of gas, you’ll want to choose the vehicle with better fuel economy—the 2016 Mazda6.


If you want a vehicle that truly pops while on the road, then you’ll want to enjoy the 2016 Mazda6 over the 2016 Toyota Camry. This vehicle has a curvier body with a sports-tuned suspension. It also offers a sport mesh grille and attractive tires. All of this is sure to grab more attention than the typical sedan-style of the Camry. So if you want a vehicle that truly pops while on the road, this is the one you want to drive.


Knowing that you’re choosing a safe vehicle is extremely important. With both vehicles, you’ll receive some of the best safety features, including standard airbags and side impact door beams. You’ll also have the option of throwing in some available safety features for added peace of mind, such as blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alert, smart brake support, and lane departure warning system. However, while these vehicles offer similar safety features, the Mazda6 is slightly ahead of the competition due to its safety awards. This vehicle has earned a Car and Driver 10 Best, an IIHS Top Safety pick, and an Autobytel Sedan of the Year award. So if you want to be sure you’re driving a truly safe vehicle, then you’ll want to pick up the Mazda6 today.


When it comes to the interior of both vehicles, you’ll find that they’re extremely similar. Each one offers comfortable fabric- or leather-trimmed seating depending on the trim level you choose. There’s also plenty of ample storage, push button start technology, Bluetooth technology, and the comfort and convenience of a quiet cabin. While this may not sway your decision either way, knowing that you get all the same features and amenities while the Mazda6 costs less can help you make the right choice.


As a driver and a passenger, you spend a great deal of time inside the vehicle, which is why you want to be as comfortable as possible. While you can enjoy the many great features and amenities found in each vehicle, getting the most space is also important. Each vehicle can seat up to five passengers, but only the Mazda6 can do so comfortably. This vehicle offers 56.1 cubic inches of hip room and 42.2 cubic inches of leg room compared to only 54.5 cubic inches of hip room and 41.6 cubic inches of leg room. So if you want the vehicle that offers you and your passengers the best in comfort, you know which vehicle to choose.

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When comparing the 2016 Mazda6 vs the 2016 Toyota Camry for Duncan, Nanaimo, and Victoria driving, you’ll weigh features like space, interior amenities, design, fuel economy, and price, and when you do, the Mazda6 will come out on top. This vehicle is truly exceptional and is the perfect companion for your driving needs. Harris Mazda has a full inventory of these impressive vehicles in stock, so contact us at 250.758.9125 to schedule your test drive and enjoy everything this vehicle has to offer.