Looking for a Trusted Mazda Dealer Near Duncan?

Are you looking for a Mazda dealer in the Duncan area that you can trust? When you shop for a new car at Harris Mazda, you’ll take advantage of our stress free pricing and commission free sales to find the car that’s right for you at a price that’s right for you, too!

Stress Free Pricing

At Harris Mazda, we pride ourselves on making it easy for you to get a great price on a new car. With our Stress Free Pricing, you’ll get a rock-bottom price every time you visit. We list our competitive and current prices in our website, window stickers, and in our ads, and we guarantee that that’s the price you’ll pay for your car–no matter what. No haggling, no last-minute add-ons, and no hidden fees. It might mean that we make less money on car sales than other auto dealers, but we know that we’ll keep you coming back every time.

Commission Free Sales

Most other car dealerships have their sales staff work on commission, which means that the more they get you to spend, the more money they make. At Harris Mazda, we pay our staff a competitive salary so that there’s no pressure to sell you on extras you don’t need or drive up the price beyond what you can afford. Our bonus system is based on customer satisfaction, so if you’re happy, then so is your salesperson! Our sales staff’s highest priority isn’t making more money–it’s making sure that you, the customer, get the car that fits your needs perfectly at a price that you can afford.

Trade Value Promise

Many people offset the cost of a new car by trading in their old car, which can save you a lot of money on trade-in value. But not all dealerships provide the same trade-in value, and not all of them are willing to take your car unless you buy from them. At Harris Mazda, we hope that you’ll get your new car from us–but if you don’t, we’ll still buy your old car for a fair and competitive price. Bring in your car today and you’ll walk out with a good-sized check.

Exchange Guarantee

We stand by our cars, but if for whatever reason you’re not satisfied with your new car, you don’t have to worry. When you get a new car from us, you’ll have 3 days or 300 kilometers to decide if it’s right for you. If your car is pre-owned, you’ll have 10 days or 1,000 kilometers to decide. Bring your car back before this time is up, and we’ll make a clean swap for a different trim level or different color of the same model–no explanation necessary.

Come See Us Today

Ready to get your new Mazda at Harris Mazda? Call us today at 250-758-9125 to come see us at 2525 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9T 3L2.